Day 05

Day 05: Diiaki Pitch Contest

  • Last Minute Preparations for Pitch Contest (e.g. Photos, Program Reviews, etc.) [Classroom]
  • Recording of ‘Elevator Pitch’ [Submission via YouTube]
    • Requirements:
      • Duration- < 2 min.
      • Demonstrates idea, team, product development, typical use case, and future plans for the start-up venture
  • Public Demo: Public Exploration of Start-up & Prototypes
  • Pitch Contest: Public Judging Event
    • Overview of Final Presentation Requirements [Auditorium]
      • [Duration <4 min.]
      • Introduction of Business Venture
      • Team Members & Roles
      • Development Process
      • Brainstorming
      • Selecting Final Launch Product Idea
      • Development of Final Product Idea Design
      • Development of Launch Product Prototype
      • Testing [e.g. Proof of Concept Testing of Launch Product]
      • Future Goals & Objectives for Business Venture
      • Prototype Demonstration:
        • [Duration- <1 min.]
        • Demonstrates the typical use case of launch product or process of using the launch product



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