Day 04

Day 04:

The Human Centered Design Process II

The Human Centered Design Process

Lecture: The Human Centered Design Process Part II- Identifying the Customer

Activity: Market Research & Business Plan

  • Finish Development of Rapid Prototype of their Launch Product
  • A Basic CAD Design of Launch Product Idea (e.g. SolidWorks)
  • Development of Lean Canvas [Submission via Tumblr]
  • Development of Customer Persona [Submission via Tumblr]
  • Development of Technical Report (e.g. Executive Summary)
    • [Submission via Tumblr Page]
    • Launch Product Idea
    • Prototype Development Process
    • Market Research
    • Finances for Manufacturing & Distributing Product into Desired Markets

Product Testing

CCB Workbook: ‘Testing & Evaluation’ [pg. 86]

Workshop: Tumblr/Wordpress

  • Minimum- 500 words describing your team’s experience on Day 04 [e.g. Product Development, Fabrication]
  • Minimum- 8 Photos: [[e.g. Product Development, Fabrication]
  • Minimum- 1 Quote from In Class Lecture or Reading
  • Minimum- 1 Link your team has found helpful in brainstorming your start-up idea
  • Extra Credit: Go to Kickstarter or Quirky and select your 3 favorite ideas
  • HINT: Photos can be obtained from Facebook Group: Diiaki-Chile


Final Presentation Example:

Blog Development


  • HooWenWare: A Travel Application for Assisting Student Groups with their Travel Needs [Wordpress Blog]


Raising Capital IPO vs. Private Equity [via Inc.]


How to Make a Great Commercial Part I & Part II [via Fast Company]

Business Plan & Executive Summary Development

How to Win in the Dragon’s Den: Business Plan [Courtesy of BBC]


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