Day 02

Day 02:

Human Centered Design Process I

The Marketplace

Lecture: Designing for the Marketplace [PDF]

Activity: Final Idea Submission [Submission via Online Form]

Human Centered Design Process

Lecture: HCD Process I [IDEO HCD ToolKit]

  • Rapid Prototyping of a Product Idea: ‘Proof of Concept’ Prototype
  • Prototype Development Plan
    • Asana: Team Management Software

Start-up Development

Participants will start developing the design of their rapid prototype of their Launch Product Idea by… [Submission via Tumblr]

  • Creation of Initial Design Sketches
  • Create a Visual of their Launch Product
  • Hint: Prototype must be a ‘Proof of Concept’ Prototype demonstrating some technology to be featured in the Launch Product.


Activity: Team Introduction Video [Submission via Tumblr]

Tumblr Post:

  • Minimum- 500 words describing your team’s experience on Day 01 & 02
  • Minimum- 4 Photos: [Brainstorming, 2 Team Photos, Initial Sketches]
  • Minimum- 1 Quote from Guest Lecture, In Class Lecture, or Reading
  • Post Team Introduction Video on Tumblr


The Start-up Scene: Co-Founder Marriage

Tumblr Development Blogs


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